Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear Customers : About your orders.

Dear Customers,

I have emailed each of you who have placed orders in the last 3 days but would also like to inform here in case my email goes into your junk mail box and never to be read.

I would like to let you know that each of your order is being processed though slower than it normally should due to this terrifying earthquake that hit Japan yesterday afternoon.
Your packages/purchased items are safely kept in my office and will hopefully be shipped out soon from early next week. However please note that it may take a little bit longer than it would normally take to be shipped out of the country.
Apologies for the inconvenience but I really appreciate your understandings. I promise to ship out your orders as soon as possible but if any of you would prefer to cancel your orders please email back and I will happily cancel with the refund of full amount.

Warmest Regards from Tokyo,


  1. hmm... it just occurred to me that my little packet might not even make it... but in all honesty, my heart is out there with the people who are scared and suffering, not my silky toe socks.

    i'm sure each of us customers understand the magnitude of this disaster and its inevitable effects.

    words seem so meagre in times like these but hopefully the donations and compassion of people from around the world will soothe the victims' pain a little.

  2. dear dear Hiki,
    i am so sad about what has just happened to Japan.
    Then, very glad that you seem to be fine.
    I hope your family and friends are all right too.
    Friendly regards!

  3. Hiki,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and all the people of your nation. We see the images on the internet and television, and I cannot fathom how horrible and terrifying the earthquake and tsunamis and their aftermath must be.

    I hope that all of your friends and loved ones are safe, and send my prayers for the recovery of Japan.

    With my warmest regards from New York,

  4. Hiki...
    Take care and stay safe. I really pray for everybodys safety in Japan.

  5. Hiki,

    a lot of energy and hope !

    take care.

    best regards