Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camera Photo Album

The "vintage film camera" photo album has just been added to UGUiSU. It's perfect to keep your photographs or postcards close to your hands and doesn't it look cute! It has a magnetic enclosure and clear plastic pocket sleeves with black backing inside. Each album can hold 36 postcard size photographs (10.2cm x 15.1cm OR 4 x 6 inch).

Available in 2 colours: Silver and White.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

FUROSHIKI Wrapping Cloth - New Cotton Items by Classiky #02

"Furoshiki" is a Japanese wrapping cloth that has traditionally been used for transporting gifts, clothes, grocery shopping, etc. Today, furoshiki is becoming very popular in Japan as "eco-friendly" item. Traditionally, "furoshiki" cloth is only to carry gifts and is not to give with a gift that is wrapped inside but to keep it and re-use endlessly. But of course, you can give it with the gift so the person who received the gift can use the cloth in the way they want!

4 designs, 2 sizes available at UGUiSU online store. All designed by a Kyoto based Japanese stencil artist Mihoko Seki.

Also check out some pretty Embroidery Sewing Tapes/Ribbons by the same designer!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Cotton Items by Classiky #01

Cotton "KAYA" Kitchen Cloths
IMABARI Gauze Towels

Apologies for being so slow in updating this blog. There has been quite a few new items added to UGUiSU online store in the past few weeks and the new cotton items from Classiky are some of them.

The mitsou design Cotton "KAYA" Kitchen Cloths come in 4 beautiful colours and they will surely be a lovely existence in your kitchen.

And the red rimmed IMABARI Gauze Towels are wonderful too. I really wish you can all feel how nice and soft these towels are. Imabari is known as a home for excellent towels and 50% of the towel produced in Japan are from Imabari. Light weight gauze towels available in 2 sizes, bigger "face towel" and smaller "wash towel". Simply beautiful!