Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New delivery rate will be applied after 13 October 2009.

Responding to the changes of exchange rate of US dollers, the new delivery rate will be applied on shopping at UGUiSU online store. I've been thinking so hard whether I should do this or not for some time now, but the news on exchange rate of the US dollers haven't been so friendly to me and it seems to be getting worse everyday. So I have decided I have to modify the delivery/handling charges and that will start from 13 October.

Current rate will be applied to all orders received and paid before 10am Tokyo time on 13 October so please hurry to save on some money though the change will not be that big.

This is the new delivery rate examples (delivery to Northern America, Oceania and Europe):

Weight.........Current rates..New rates from 13 Oct.
up to 100g--- $2.60 >>>>>>>> $3.00
up to 200g--- $4.50 >>>>>>>> $5.00
up to 300g--- $6.50 >>>>>>>> $7.00
up to 400g--- $8.40 >>>>>>>> $9.00
up to 500g--- $9.80 >>>>>>>> $11.00

All prices are in US dollers and include handling charges.

Japanese Masking Tapes & Cotton/Linen Cloth Tapes

These are the Japanese Masking Tapes that are now listed in my shop which you can see all in a glance. For cute singles (from only $2.60): And the cool sets:
These are the new Cotton & Linen Cloth Tapes which come in polka dot patterned ones that are 100% cotton and the plane ones that are 100% linen. They are great for binding zines, decorating books, gift wrapping and lots more!
I just quickly turned my plane notebook I got from MUJI the other day into a cute new look in only 10 seconds with the Cotton Cloth Tape {Polka Dot Red}. So easy.

Do you see anything you like? I hope you do and if you do please check out my shop. Thank you ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Japanese Wrapping Papers

Japanese Wrapping Paper Pad designed by Kyoto based Japanese stencil artist Mihoko Seki is one of the items I highly recommend from my shop. There are two different designs or colours in one pad, 20 sheets each (40 sheets in one pad).
You can be creative with these papers, you can of course use them as wrapping papers but my favourite way of using them is as book covers. If you buy a book in a Japanese bookstore you often get your book coverd in a paper with the shop logo printed on it. But you can make your own very easily, just fold the four sides to match the size of a book, no glue no scissors so easy! And don't they look cute? It keeps the book nice and clean.

You can also use it as a letter writing paper, and make your own matching envelope. You will need a glue and scissors this time, but no hastle!

Or make your own small paper bags?
Or use it as a place mat? No glue, no scissors, no folding!!!!
Or perhaps you have some better ideas? (I'm sure you do.) They are now on special price! $8.80 for each pad (40 sheets) reduced from $10! So check out all 3 different designs in my shop: Wrapping paper pad (Restaurant) / Wrapping paper pad (Salon Biz) / Wrapping paper pad (Cafe & Temples)

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