Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paper Balloons -new and restocked!

Aren't these just so adorable!? New colours of penguin balloons have been added :)

All the lovely paper balloons are now restocked and available for purchase. See all the balloons here!

Also, wonderful frauheuberg has posted about UGUiSU, check out this post. Thank you frauheuberg!
I love hearing from my customers, if you have any photos of the purchased items from UGUiSU please let me know ;)
I also would love to see and hear how you use paper goods and masking tapes as well!

Restocked Items.

I'm a little behind, but the following items were restocked last week!

Paper Drops Maru (Round) Stickers

Paper Drops Nijumaru (Ring) Stickers

Masking Tape Designer Series {Cute Stripes & Polka dots} 3 Set 8mm

Wrapping paper pad (Cafe & Temples)

5 Colour Onion Skin Writing Pad M: Brown, and Blue

Security Envelope Pattern Paper Tapes

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More New Masking Tapes!

I added these new masking tapes to my shop today. Black and brown are the new colours of Editions de Tokyo pretty sets. The one in the middle is a cute French colour set, the red one is the Eiffel tower print, plane white, and blue handscript print.

Masking Tape Pretty Set : Editions de Tokyo {Black}
Masking Tape Pretty Set : Editions de Tokyo {Brown}
Masking Tape {Paris!!} by Coupe de coeur

And my very recent favourite is this HOT PINK tape!!! Totally lovable :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paper Balloons by olivelse.

Please note that the following images are courtesy of olivelse and if you will re-blog it make sure you give credit to olivelse.
Wonderful Else from France purchased many paper balloons from my shop earlier, I thought she might be giving them as Christmas gift to her friends and family. But when I saw these awesome images of how she presented the balloons at her home on her lovely blog olivelse, my eyes sparkled with joy! Don't they look marvelous!? It is also such a pleasure to see the items from my shop travel over to my customers and to be able to actually see getting and being there. Thank you so much Else! You really made my day :)

HANA in Olso has got hers too :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

All About mina perhonen! in SO-EN Feb 2010 Issue

SO-EN is one of the leading Japanese fashion magazines that has been around since 1936. And this latest issue is featuring FASHION TEXTILES. There is SO MUCH about minä perhonen in this WONDERFUL issue as this year is their 15th anniversary. You can learn all about mina perhonen including their history, mina perhonen textile archives (you can see all of their textile designs!!!) and the new spring and summer collection! For all minä perhonen fans, seriously this is awesome!!!!!
Also features other Japanese textile designers such as LIMI feu, mint designs, matohu, TSUMORI CHISATO, ISSEY MIYAKE as well as some great non-japanese designers.

SO-EN February 2010 Issue