Thursday, December 23, 2010

SO-EN January 2010 Issue

SO-EN January 2010 issue is another must-buy issue! The cover girl Kiko Mizuhara is one of the main actors in the recently released movie Norwegian Wood which is based on Haruki Murakami's novel -she's so cute! This issue features mina perhonen on their 15th anniversary, and also introducing lots of wonderful new artists and creators in different creative scenes in Japan and in the world.

SO-EN January 2010 Issue

Monday, November 22, 2010

Come home! vol.22

Come home! vol.22 was also out on Saturday together with ku:nel! And this issue also includes cute come home calender with many adorable kids photographs that have been used in the past issue of come home magazine this year. Make sure to check that out ;)

ku:nel vol.47

The new issue of ku:nel magazine was out on Saturday and is now available at UGUiSU. This issue include a cute little ku:nel calender for 2011!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New items from October at a glance!

I haven't been able to post updates of new items so much lately, but here it is the new items added in October at a glance! Hope you like them!!

Happy November to you all!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kita no Moyo-cho Masking Tapes!! (NEW!)

"Kita no moyo-cho" new designer's series masking tapes are the most popular washi tapes at UGUiSU at the moment, have you all checked them yet?

"Kita no moyo-cho" literally means "Pattern notebook of the North" and it is designed by a Hokkaido based Japanese textile designer Rieko Oka. Rieko has won a mina perhonen design award in the past and her designs are lovely and warm, exciting, so fresh and adorable! Available in singles, a pair with a beautiful letterpress card, and 3 colour sets. Getting few in stock but the new stock will arrive soon!

See the whole series of the "Kita no moyo-cho" masking tapes here!

New Books for Masking Tape Inspirations!

2 new books have been newly added to the UGUiSU online store last week!

1. Collage with Masking Tapes

The book includes 30 excellent new ideas for craft projects using Japanese masking tapes, and it even has pages of lovely graphic elements you can cut from or patterned paper you can use for your own craft makings!

The new masking tapes featured in this book is also available now!!


2. Parisiennes' Craft Making with Papers & Masking Tapes

Another lovely new Japanese craft book from Editions de Paris, "Parisiennes' Craft Making with Papers & Masking Tapes". The book features 4 French artists from Paris: Emilie Capman, Fifi Mandirac, Sofia Antonovich and Adeline Klam. Full of beautiful images and wonderful inspirations, plus it also includes pages of papers and graphics you can use for your own paper craft experiments!

2010 Christmas Masking Tape Sets

2010 version of the Christmas Masking Tape Sets are now available at UGUiSU. GREENxGOLD and REDxSILVER.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Stock!

The new stock arrived today and many of the out-of-stock items have now been restocked and they are available for purchase! Please visit here for fun shopping :)

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DecoPeques (for Japanese Paper Balloons)
oh happy day (for Japanese Paper Balloons)
Tages Anzeiger - Sweet Home (for Scrapholic Scrap Notebook)


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yoshitomo Nara 2011 Diary/Planner

The very first and new 2011 diary/planner for all Yoshitomo Nara fans! With the cute illustration inside the clear plastic cover, inside it has yearly and monthly calenders, weekly (there are 2 types you can choose from) planners, blank notes, world's subway maps (Major Japanese cities, New York, Paris, London, Milan, Hong Kong and Taipei), useful phrases in 5 languages, and lots more! Also includes a small blank notebook which you can use on its own.
The planner starts from October 2010 so you can start using it almost right away! (goes till January 1st 2012)

Yoshitomo Nara 2011 Diary/Planner