Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Gift Wrapping Book

The Gift Wrapping Book directed by Spiral Market -an exquisite interior shop in Tokyo is one of the most beautiful books I have picked up in so long! This truly gorgeous book contains full of wonderful inspirations and tutorials for very special gift wrapping "to send your heart". Don't you just love these images?? I DO SO MUCH!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful Japanese Towels "Shirayuki Fukin"

I am VERY happy to announce that now the beautiful Japanese dishcloth/towel "shirayuki fukin" is officially a part of the main items at UGUiSU! The shirayuki fukin dishcloth is really marvelous once I started using it I cannot use anything else and they have been my favourite for a long time. I would love many people to actually try and feel why Shirayuki fukin is so wonderful so I'm having a special trial sale for all Shirayuki items - 10% OFF!! (offer has ended)  So please take this chance and try!
See the whole range HERE.

What is Shirayuki Fukin??
"Shirayuki-fukin" literally means "white snow towels" and they are VERY popular in Japan. They come from Nara, an ancient capital city of Ja
pan near Kyoto, and they are made of a fabric that was once woven into mosquito nets called "kaya". These cloths are very soft, durable and absorbent and are perfect for using as dish cloths and wash/hand towels. Over time, the cloths become really soft and supple, and eventually they make great rags.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Items At A Glance.

From left top to right bottom: 01) Stripe Paper Mini Bag Pack of 3 02)Craft Tape {50mm Grey x Orange} 03)Dot Envelope Pack of 10 Postcard Size 04,05,06)Porcelain Stamp {PHOTOS} 07)Round Window Envelope+Card 3 Colour Set 08)Dot Paper Mini Bag Pack of 3 09)Square Window Envelope+Card 3 Colour Set 10)Kimono Washi Tag {Mixed Colours} 11)Square Window Envelope+Card 3 Colour Set 12)Craft Tape {50mm Grey x Orange}

For the "Scrapholics".

Another new item which I'm really loving at the moment is this lovely "scrapholic" scrap notebook. It's great for making a fun scrap book! Double ring bound, 28 pages with a pocket sleeve at the last page of the book. With the cute photo corner stickers and label stickers, you can make your own custom made photo album :)

"scrapholic" scrap notebook {IVORY}

Decorative Sticker Label {Gold}

Decorative Photo Corner Sticker {Gold}

Dots Photo Corner Stickers 72 pcs

New Colour Washi Tapes in UGUiSU

I'm sorry I'm VERY behind in updating this blog since I had been insanely occupied with what I had to do for UGUiSU and my other work... Anyway, so many people have already ordered the newly stocked items (THANK YOU!!!) but I will try to post about them here from now.

So these are some of the new colour washi masking tapes that have been added - Mint Green, Bottle Green and the gingham tape in new Grass Green! And the rest is my favourite combination with other tapes that I have in my shop. It's such fun to think of all the possible combination with these tapes!

You can see all of the above Japanese Washi tapes/ masking tapes here in the "Singles" section,
but please also check out the Lovely sets (pair or three rolls) and Multi Packs!

The shipping cost for these masking tapes is $3 for up to 4 single rolls to Europe, US and Australia by air mail, so if you are thinking to buy 1 or 2 rolls you might as well purchase 4 and save on shipping ;) For a safer and faster shipping you can also choose EMS shipping.

Note: Bottle Green is included in the Masking Tape 12 Colour Pack {Smoky} and the 6 Colour Pack {Deep}.
Mint Green is included in the 12 Colour Pack {Light} .