Thursday, May 31, 2012


We have some shipping options available at UGUiSU online store. Standard Airmail is the most reasonable shipping option available for sending packages from Japan, but it is not insured and does not provide tracking number. There are other options like Registered Mails (Air & Economy SAL) and EMS but now we offer free shipping upgrade to Registered Airmail option if you spend $40 or more on merchandise  (total amount without shipping) at UGUiSU online store from standard airmail shipping option. So now you can save on shipping!

*Please select any pay only for Standard Airmail shipping to receive free shipping upgrade to Registered Airmail. In the order confirmation email you receive upon placing your orders the shipping method will say Standard Airmail but your order will be shipped by Registered airmail if the purchased amount is over $40 (before shipping and any coupon or point discount).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Shop by Colour and Pattern

You can now shop by colour and pattern on UGUiSU online store! What is your favourite colour and pattern? Shop Japanese washi tapes, paper goods, kitchen linen and so on by colour and pattern now! Enjoy browsing! :)



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ku:nel Wear

ku:nel Wear (ku:nel Kiru) is a clothes focused mook of the Popular Japanese lifestyle/home/interior magazine "ku:nel". Great photographs, great styling, good read (though the text is all in Japanese).

Buy ku:nel Wear online at UGUiSU.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Mini Washi Tape Sets

2 new sets of the adorable mini size masking tapes are now available from UGUiSU online store! Each tape is 6 meter (19.68') long while the normal washi tapes being 15m (the width of each tape varies in these sets). They are so cute and easy to carry, excellent if you want to have many different colours/patterns. You get 8 rolls of tapes in a set.

Buy these cute washi tape sets online from UGUiSU:
Mini Size Washi Tape 8 Roll Set {Chic Colours}
Mini Size Washi Tape 8 Roll Set {Summer Colours}

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New "Graffiti" Japanese Masking Tapes by CRAFT log.

New CRAFT log Graffiti series washi masking tapes by a collage artist Yoko Inoue arrived and added to the UGUiSU online store the other day. They are sold by single rolls or sets of 3 rolls, each tape measures 15 mm (about 1/2") wide x 15 m (about 50'). Great for gift wrapping and making collages! (By the way, did you know that many of the washi tapes that are around are now only 10 meter long but all the washi tapes we sell on UGUiSU are 15 meter long except for the mini tapes.)

More frequent updates of the new and restocked items are shared on Facebook so please check our facebook page also! Thank you :)

Wa-Rousoku Japanese Candles

So happy to have the beautiful Japanese candles "wa-rousoku" now added to UGUiSU's selection!

Japanese Candles "Wa-rousoku"
Japanese candles are made of "HAZE" -laquer tree seed wax- and washi paper for the core, the techniques and materials have not changed since 16th century and today they are made by only a handful of Japanese craftsmen. These traditional Japanese candles are completely handmade and give very little smoke and a brighter light than modern paraffin candles.

Japanese candles are available individually, by boxed sets and beautiful candle stands are also available. See all here!