Wednesday, September 12, 2012

AIRVASE "Bauhaus" and "Space" by TORAFU Architects and Mikiya Takimoto

Have you checked out the 2 new Airvases that were added to our Airvase collection on UGUiSU online store?

Airvase is an amazing work of art designed by TORAFU Architects, one of the most innovative firms in Tokyo.
These vases in cut and shaped paper can be used as decorations, as a container, waste basket, gift-wrap and so on. You can create their desired shape by drawing out the various edges of the sheet of perforated paper to a greater or lesser extent. The coloured motifs or colours on each face create a different visual impression depending on the way in which the paper is shaped and the angle from which it is viewed.

These 2 new designs "BAUHAUS" and "SPACE" were created in collaboration between TORAFU and photographer Mikiya Takimoto. Photographs of space shuttles and the legendary German design school building are printed on each face of the airvase creating beautiful 3D images. Simply beautiful!

See the AIRVASE collection on UGUiSU onine store >>

Photography: Fuminari Yoshitsugu