Thursday, September 29, 2011

New issue: ku:nel vol.52

The latest issue of the popular Japanese lifestyle magazine ku:nel is now available from UGUiSU online store. The cover photograph is so tempting that it makes me crave for good coffee! Yes, this is the coffee issue and features many great coffee shops all around Japan (it even has a "coffee map" at the end of the magazine with a list of good coffee shops in Japan) and people's coffee styles. Great issue actually!

The new issue of Tennen seikatsu magazine is also available now.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Japanese Washi Tapes by Yonagado

The new Japanese washi tape collection has been available from UGUiSU! These cute patterns: Marching Band, Kokeshi Dolls, Vintage Lace and Miss Fashionable are created from patterns of antique Japanese kimono or other designs found in old Japan. The washi tapes are available in single rolls, sets of 2 and sets of 3. These are just so adorable and they have already been so popular that a few of the sets have already been out of stock! The new stock will be back soon.

Cute small paper bags great for gift wrapping.

Newly added to UGUiSU online store today are some cute paper bag/envelopes that are perfect for gift wrapping small items. Polka dot envelopes in lovely red, green and blue, available in small and medium sold in sets of 10.

Strawberry paper bags, also available in small and medium sold in sets of 10.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More lifestyle magazines from Japan: Kurashi no O-he-so & Liniere Home

There are so many natural living lifestyle magazines in Japan these days, come home, ku:nel and tennen seikatsu have been the main and popular ones at UGUiSU. I don't know if anyone has noticed but I have been adding more new ones to UGUiSU's magazine selections and these 2 have just been added to the UGUiSU online shop tonight.

Kurashi no O-he-so vol.12
Kurashi no O-he-so focus on lifestyles and ways of living that happen from people's own habits and culture. "O-he-so" means bellybutton in Japanese, so the title "kurashi no o-he-so" literally means "bellybutton of the lifestyle".

Liniere Home vol.4
Liniere Home is a lifestyle version of a natural style fashion magazine Liniere that is popular with natural style fans in Japan. This magazine features various creators and artists natural style home & interior and introduces their charming lifestyles.

Texts in both magazines are in Japanese, but they are filled with lots of beautiful and inspiring photographs with great styling.

Do also check out UGUiSU's selection of books & magazines on fashion, craft books, and see all the lifestyle magazines here.

Friday, September 2, 2011

New items added in the past month.

Here are the new items that have been added in the past month in a glance! New items keep coming in all the time, very exciting and really cute new design washi masking tapes will arrive soon too!! More frequent updates can be received on facebook.

Also you can check out the restocked items of the past month here.

Hope you enjoy!