Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Beautiful washi stationery by TOSAWASHI PRODUCTS

TOSAWASHI PRODUCTS Letterpress Grid Washi Paper (15 Sheets) - can be used for gift wrapping.

TOSAWASHI PRODUCTS Letterpress Washi Letter Set

TOSAWASHI PRODUCTS Washi Paper Japanese Receipt Book

We are so thrilled to have the beautiful Japanese washi stationery brand TOSAWASHI PRODUCTS in our selection at UGUiSU online store.

TOSAWASHI PRODUCTS is a new Japanese stationery brand founded by 2 Japanese designers from Tosa, a province in Kochi prefecture in Shikoku island which is known as the land of paper being the main producing center of both material plants and handmade paper in Japan. Type of washi made in this region is called Tosa-washi and is one of the 3 major washi papers that have been traditionally produced.

Tosa-washi is mainly used for wall papers or screens (shoji, fusuma, etc) for interior of traditional style housing or for restoring traditional buildings. The two designers Ayako Yoshioka and Naoya Takemura started this stationery brand with "washi for daily use" as a concept so that people can make good use of tosa-washi papers in everyday scenes. However, carefully handmade washi papers are pretty expensive and is not so easy to make products with these papers to be used casually. So what the two designers did is to use machine made washi where possible (like inside paeprs) and use handmade better quality washi for the cover of the product so that people can enjoy both textures of handmade and machine made washi, and this way the price of each product can be kept to fairly reasonable price.

Some items are letter-pressed, some are so beautiful to feel and to write on, all very simple and lovely packaging....
I hope that many of these washi items will travel around the world through UGUiSU and be used in many people out there!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Wood Tape Dispensers - perfect for Japanese washi tapes!

CRAFT log Graffiti Masking Tape Single Roll

 Mihoko Seki Kokeshi Letter Set

Mihoko Seki Kokeshi Ex Libris Bookplate Stickers B (Pack of 20)

Yonagadou Warabanshi Retro Design Papers

Yonagadou Handkerchief / Furoshiki Cloth {Polka Dot}
 Japanese Paper Balloon {Blow Fish Family}
 Yonagado Origami Papers {Kawaii Set}

 Mini Size Washi Tape 8 Roll Set {Vivid}

 Mihoko Seki Washi Tape Single {Stripe/Dot 15mm Mustard}

 [Book] Parisiennes' Craft Making with Papers & Masking Tapes

Mihoko Seki Mini Message Cards

Drop Around Fusen Sticky Notes

Fun and lovely Japanese stationery & Paper Goods have been restocked. Please visit our RESTOCKED - FEBRUARY page to find more!


Last week I was SO thrilled to see this post on Frankie magazine blog featuring UGUiSU! I have always been a huge fan of Frankie and so this was truly a real happy surprise. What they wrote about UGUiSU is so cute I just can't read it without a huge smile on my face!

This is what they say:
Whoops. We just spent a lot of money. But that's okay, we don't blame Japanese homewares and craft store Uguisu - sure, they made a dint in our pay packet, but it was more so the ticket to Tokyo they accidentally encouraged us to buy that was the problem. Why can't they make that plane flight shorter so we could pop over there for the weekend?
Blow-up paper balloons in the shape of giant strawberries, stunning origami paper, loads of furoshiki wrapping cloths and more varieties of washi tape than Pantone have colour swatches: seriously guys, they have everything.
Be warned: if you click here, your miso soup will be cold by the time you hit the back button. It's that good.
 Thank you soooooo much dear maggie butter of dearest Frankie! (have you seen the cover of their new issue that is to come out tomorrow? It looks super adorable!!!! You can see it HERE if you haven't seen it!