Friday, February 10, 2012


I am so excited to finally be stocking the amazing AIRVASE and Paper Plant Pots!

Designed by TORAFU ARCHITECTS of Tokyo, AIRVASE is a paper container that can be stretched into a vase, plate or bowl that enfolds air. It comes as a flat sheet of paper with perforations so that you can pull up each side into the preferred shape. Quite amazing actually!

Another new wonderful paper item is this Stick-on Paper Plant Pot. After an easy foldings a sheet of paper turns into a lovely plant pot that can be stuck on a window surface! It would be so nice to grow herbs on the kitchen window!

See all new items here, more cute new items will be added soon!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet HANA (Flower) Series

The HANA (which means "flowers" in Japanese) series is what we would like to recommend out of recent new arrivals to UGUiSU. The above items are:

1. Sticky Flower Dots -Cute small sticky dots in happy spring colours which are great for bookmarking, numbering memo, scrapbooking, decorating letters and packages, etc.
2. Flower Motif Japanese Incense - Small pressed incense called "Inkou" made into various traditional motifs. These cute floral motif incense can be enjoyed as a decoration on a small dish or tray, and when the fragrance gradually fades you can light each incense and enjoy the beautiful fragrance once again.
3. Cotten Gauze Handkerchief {White Flowers} - Pretty floral design handkerchief printed on white cotton gauze with bright yellow rim, it has a soft and beautiful texture and the delicate and adorable small white flowers are cute and cheerful. The cloth measures 50 x 50cm (19.68") and it can also be used as small furoshiki to use as wrapping cloth.

Please also check out all the new arrivals here, more new items will be added soon this month!