Wednesday, October 28, 2009


New masking tapes have been added to the shop now!
These wonderful craft masking tapes designed by an illustrator/crafter Yoko Inoue, whose collage stationery series are also in my shop, are highly recommended.Craft Masking Tape 3 Colour Set {Collage}, {Numbers}, and{Days of the week}.

And these are really cute gingham and dots print tapes. You can see all of them here.

And these are suggested combinations with other masking tapes from my shop. What would be your favourite combination?

The masking tapes that had been out of stock has now all been restocked too! (see the list here)
Also, UGUiSU online store is now on Twitter!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas Masking Tapes!!

Special Chiristmas edition masking tapes are now available for purchase. Christmas Masking Tape Set {Christmas Tree/Snowflake} and Christmas Masking Tape Set {Stripe} are sets of 4 gorgeous masking tapes and they both come in special Christmas boxes! Deer Print Masking Tape Set {Red & Gold} comes in a cute wax paper package. Stocks are limited.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Visual Book : Made of Paper - Kami no Mono

The title of the book "kami no mono" literally means "things made of paper". In this book amazing papergoods works/products of 46 designers/artists are gathered and introduced with beautiful photographs. Artists such as Mihoko Seki, Yonagado, Yoko Inoue are included whose products are listed in my shop.
Very inspring and hightly recommended.

Artists introductions and list of their shops are included though written all in Japanese. (you can pick up the URLs!)

Visual Book : Made of Paper - Kami no Mono

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Masking Tapes will be restocked soon!

I'm sorry many of the masking tapes have been out of stock for a while now, I've been getting so many inquiries about them. They are due to be arriving early next week along with some new tapes including the ones seen in above pictures! I will be adding them to my shop next week also will keep you updated here so please come back to check the wonderful new tapes next week ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Japanese traditional items for gift wrapping!

I added some new items to my shop today and these can be great for gift wrapping ideas.
Kimono Washi Tag
These tags made of Japanese washi paper are originally used for kimono (Japanese traditional costume). But now cute stripes and polka dots patterns are printed on them and they are perfect for gift tags or bookmarks. Available in Black and Gold.
And these Noshi Obi Paper Ribbons would be a simple and eco idea for gift wrapping. "Noshi" is a kind of ceremonial paper fold attached to gifts to express "good wishes" in Japan and is widely used for formal gifts. And this item is an unique adaption of Noshi - noshi printed on obi (paper bandle) that are used for bundling notes.

Please check these new items here!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lovely Polka Dots! Letter writing sets and notebooks.

These new items have been added to the shop.

Coup de couer x Emilie Capman Notebook Pink.

Editions de Tokyo Letter Writing Sets: Black x Grey & Emerald x Yellow.

Aren't they cute!? ;) With these letter writing sets you get a "recepi card" as seen in the last image - you can personalise and create your own letter!


Some of the masking tapes (such as this and this) that have been out of stock were due to be back in stock this weekend, however there is a big delay from the manufacturer and they won't be coming in till around 27 October. Those who have placed their orders already will get their orders shipped as informed so please do not worry! And I am sorry for people who have been waiting for them!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Sweet" Papergoods.

"Fake Sweets Stationery" series by Editions de Tokyo are now in store! They are so detailed and cute that you would almost want to eat them!? You can see a wonderful selection of the "Fake Sweets Stationery" here! Or click on the image to jump to the shopping page.