Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Forest Animal & Plants Paperweights / Paper Objects by Hana Akiyama & Jin Kuramoto

Beautiful paper crafts made in collaboration with a Japanese illustrator Hana Akiyama and a product designer Jin Kuramoto using special printing method to make Hana's illustrated animal and plants into 3D objects.
Ready-to-assemble cut-out paper will quickly turn into amazing paper object. You can glue some weights (included in the set) to the bottom surface inside to make sure the object will be stable and can be used as paperweights when they are assembled.

Available in pretty birds (3 different colours sold by each colour), wolf, trees (set of 2) and timber logs (set of 2). Each set includes: Paper cut-out sheet, instruction sheet (in Japanese but with illustrations), weight (lead) & adhesive tapes.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NEW // AIKO FUKAWA Die-Cut Greeting Card {Reading Dog Husky}

New addition to the adorable die-cat greeting card collection designed by a Tokyo based illustrator Aiko Fukawa of ai. - "Reading Dog Husky". Perfect to send to your special someone with a little message written on the blank back side. It can also be used as a bookmark or would be cute to be added in your inspiration board! Comes with a matching size tracing paper craft envelope.



fog linen work Herringbone Cotton Towels

Assorted Colour Linen Remnant Set (Large)

Linen Massage Bath Mitten - Restocked


Tuesday, August 5, 2014


As we announced it earlier in our monthly newsletter and on facebook & instagram, UGUiSU turned 5 last month! Time really flies....!

We are truly grateful for all the love and support we've received in the past 5 years from our loveliest customers and fans -YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!- we could not have done it without you - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 
To celebrate our 5th birthday, we are having the anniversary sale at UGUISU onine store. It is not on all items but selected many items in this sectionwill be 10% off including the new arrivals and already on sale items. 

Enter code HAPPY5YEARS at the end of the checking out process to receive 10% off! 

*Discount will not be applied to items by certain makers/artists.
*Discount will not be applied to shipping.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

NEW BOOK BY YONAGADOU - Sweet & Nostalgic Vintage Japanese Design Collection

Charming new book by Yonagadou who is known as a vintage zakka buyer and artist is full of Japanese designs from between 30s and 70s that are lovely and surreal, exotic and nostalgic (and whose paper items have been our favourites at UGUISU for a long time now). The book features an amazing collection of vintage tiles, toys, handicrafts, night markets, architecture, cabaret interiors and graphics, etc....all made in Japan things mostly from Osaka where Yonagadou is based in, all so lovely and wonderfully curated!

Text is mainly in Japanese, but all section titles are translated into English so you can tell what each section is talking about. A must read for all Yonagadou fans and anyone who loves vintage designs! Also the artwork on the cover is by another of our favourite artists Mihoko Seki!

Purchase this book online (yes we ship worldwide!)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Japanese Cypress Hinoki Wood Mugs

More of the beautiful wood mugs made from Hinoki or Japanese cypress have been restocked after the last stock arrived and all went in 2 days last week. The Hinoki mugs are arefully handcrafted by Mr Shibata in Yamanashi prefecture using 100%-FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified scrap wood harvested locally in Yamanashi, Japan.

Hinoki or Japanese Cypress is one of Japan's most prized woods which grows only in Japan and a part of Taiwan, it is prized for its beautiful grain, fragrance and smooth texture.

Finished with food-safe polyurethane coating (x more than 10 layers) and it can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Coffee or tea will not stain.

Take a look at more images on the product page here, or see the whole woodenware series by the same maker.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Handkerchiefs/Furoshiki Wrapping Cloths

Some cotton handkerchiefs that can also be used as furoshiki are restocked and now available from UGUiSU. They are perfect for wrapping gifts and the person who received it can reuse the wrapping cloths!
Yonagadou handkerchiefs are restocked, only a few of each but all the lovely Harvest handkerchiefs also restocked, and this cute yellow kokeshi one is new by Cochae.


Monday, June 2, 2014

NEW PAUMES BOOK - Petit Pan La couleur en liberte / Colourful Paris Life of Petit Pan

Another new book from PAUMES at UGUiSU is Petit Pan La couleur en liberte / Colourful Paris Life of Petit Pan.

Petit Pan is a popular French brand run by two designers Myriam de Loor and Pan Gang and is known by its colorful fabrics and the little toys and decorations made of paper and bamboo. In this book you can enjoy the wonderful world of Petit Pan at their Paris apartment full of inspirational interior ideas using vivid colours and crafts! 
Texts are in Japanese and French.

Go to the product page for Petit Pan La couleur en liberte / Colourful Paris Life of Petit Pan at UGUiSU -->

NEW PAUMES BOOK - Illustrated Paris Guide by Isabelle Boinot / Les Adresses Parisiennes d'Une Parisienne

Two new books from PAUMES have just arrived and now available from UGUISU online store for international orders!

The first one is by Isabelle Boinot, an illustrator based in Paris who has an observant eye for people and things and her distinctive style can be seen in her various publications and products. In this second book by Isabel with Paumes "Les Adresses Parisiennes d'Une Parisienne" (Paris Guide by a Parisienne) she shares her favourite Paris shops, restaurants and cafes, parks, museums with her detailed illustrations which makes this book a true joy to turn each page whether or not you are headed to Paris!

Texts are in Japanese and French, printed in Japan.

Go to the product page for Les Adresses Parisiennes d'Une Parisienne at UGUiSU -->

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Mihoko Seki is a Kyoto-based Japanese stencil artist and is one of our favourite Japanese artists. Many of the paper items designed by Mihoko Seki have been restocked and now available from UGUiSU. Yes we ship worldwide!

Check out all items by Mihoko Seki -->

Monday, April 21, 2014

AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS crochet potholders & cushions

From the "via Tokyo" collection where we curate items that are carefully handcrafted by our favourite artists from outside Japan, the new lot of the lovely At Swim-Two-Birds crochet potholders and cushions/seat pads have been added to UGUISU online store. All very carefully handcrafted by a Belgian textile artist Renilde de Peuter.
These always go quite quickly so please make sure to order while you can!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


New and adorable set "Congrats-Sea Bream" has just been added to our Japanese Paper Balloon Collection at UGUiSU.
"Congrats-Sea Bream" which is "Omede-tai" in Japanese is a common expression for wishing happiness and good fortune in Japan so this can be a perfect gift for sending someone for their birthday, wedding or anything to congratulate them for! 
Each set includes one red sea bream fish balloon with a string and one smaller traditional style balloon. A tag saying "Omede-tai" either in Engilsh or Japanese is attached to the string. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So happy to introduce Fumi Koike, a Japanese illustrator from Fukuoka now residing in Saitama whose work includes illustrations for advertising, magazines and books. 
DOG AND MORNING is a zine-style print publication compiling Fumi's illustrations shown at her exhibition of the same title held at Do Design in Madrid last year. Fumi illustrates everyday scenes from interior spaces, objects, people and food in a sweet and simple way with a touch of quirkiness. It is about what Fumi enjoys in the everyday life, dogs and mornings and what surrounds them all beautifully illustrated and appreciated. A truly lovely compilation.