Monday, April 21, 2014

AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS crochet potholders & cushions

From the "via Tokyo" collection where we curate items that are carefully handcrafted by our favourite artists from outside Japan, the new lot of the lovely At Swim-Two-Birds crochet potholders and cushions/seat pads have been added to UGUISU online store. All very carefully handcrafted by a Belgian textile artist Renilde de Peuter.
These always go quite quickly so please make sure to order while you can!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


New and adorable set "Congrats-Sea Bream" has just been added to our Japanese Paper Balloon Collection at UGUiSU.
"Congrats-Sea Bream" which is "Omede-tai" in Japanese is a common expression for wishing happiness and good fortune in Japan so this can be a perfect gift for sending someone for their birthday, wedding or anything to congratulate them for! 
Each set includes one red sea bream fish balloon with a string and one smaller traditional style balloon. A tag saying "Omede-tai" either in Engilsh or Japanese is attached to the string. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So happy to introduce Fumi Koike, a Japanese illustrator from Fukuoka now residing in Saitama whose work includes illustrations for advertising, magazines and books. 
DOG AND MORNING is a zine-style print publication compiling Fumi's illustrations shown at her exhibition of the same title held at Do Design in Madrid last year. Fumi illustrates everyday scenes from interior spaces, objects, people and food in a sweet and simple way with a touch of quirkiness. It is about what Fumi enjoys in the everyday life, dogs and mornings and what surrounds them all beautifully illustrated and appreciated. A truly lovely compilation.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


PERMANENT No.5 - Winter 2014 Issue is out and now available from UGUiSU online store.
Back issues have been restocked too and No.1-4 are also available for purchase.


PERMANENT is a quarterly small press magazine published by two art directors in Fukuoka, south island of Kyushu, focusing on food and dining culture and lifestyle while having the keywords "Make, Eat and Think / つくる、たべる、かんがえる" as a concept. Think from the simple daily dining scenes, how and where things we eat are made/produced, who are involved behind it - they interview people and tell us in this A5 size small press with incredible photography and make us think and be inspired.

Although it's written in Japanese you'd be able to enjoy flipping through every page looking at the beautiful pictures and layout. You can watch these amazing videos here that follow contents of each issue.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jona Jewelry by Jona Yasushi

We are thrilled to introduce another of our favourite Tokyo designer, Jona Jewelry by Jona Yasushi now available online from UGUiSU.

Jona creates the most poetic pieces of jewelry carefully crafted to give the impression that they were discovered from being buried in the sand for decades. Being contemporary yet having a kind of vintage look, coarse texture will gradually change faces as time passes by which is what the designer hopes for the wearers to enjoy.
Currently available online from Jona are these "tenten" thread chain silver earrings only, but hopefully we can add more of his other amazing works that we carry in our Tokyo store.