Friday, August 17, 2012


So happy to introduce the lovely new TOMORE candle series by Takazawa Rousoku.
Japanese candles "wa-rousoku" are completely handmade with natural materials such as "HAZE" -laquer tree seed wax. But these candles are also made with Palm wax and also rice bran wax which are very commonly used in Japan.

Washi paper is used for the core of each candle which means they create less soot and drip compared to regular paraffin candles. Also it's said that these Japanese candles burn longer, the candles of size #5 burn for about 100 minutes per candle.

See all the Japanese traditional candle series here on UGUiSU.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


The popular Yonagadou paper goods series now come in cute letter sets!
The Japanese vintage zakka buyer/artist Yonagadou creates Modern Japan Reproduction Paper from patterns the patterns of vintage chiyogami (Japanese traditional patterned paper), wrapping papers used at department stores, kimono and old garments from the 20s to early 70s onto rustic looking coarse warabanshi paper. Each design has an unique charm and these papers can be used not only as letter papers but also as gift wrapping, collages, scrapbooking, and so on.

Available in 5 lovely designs from UGUiSU online store.

Also, the lovely cotton handkerchief/furoshiki cloths by Yonagadou have been restocked!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


New to UGUiSU's Japanese paper balloon selection are these plain white balloons! These are made of washi paper and are made to the high quality. I think they would be gorgeous as they are when hung among with some other balloons (string is not attached to these balloons so you will need to add them if you would like to hung them), but it would be so cute and fun to decorate the balloons! As seen in the top image, I used the scrap motif stickers to decorate the balloon. I want to try with washi tapes and stamps too!

The plain white paper balloons are available by 1 balloon, and sets of 3 balloons.

Oh, and do you know, it's so easy to blow up the paper balloons with drinking straws!! These are especially perfect - Wax Coated Paper Drinking Straws

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ku:nel vol.57

The new issue of a popular bi-monthly Japanese lifestyle magazine ku:nel is another must-read! As in this issues copy "Green Lesson" it is full of beautiful plants and garden photographs. It also includes some very inspiring images of curry as you see above!

Check out ku:nel vol.57 on UGUiSU online store.