Thursday, October 1, 2015

ORANGE AIRLINES 2016 Weekly Planners/Diaries by Grace Lee

ORANGE AIRLINES 2016 Weekly Planner/Diary by Grace Lee

ORANGE AIRLINES 2016 Weekly Planner/Diary by Grace Lee

ORANGE AIRLINES 2016 Weekly Planner/Diary by Grace Lee

ORANGE AIRLINES 2016 Weekly Planner/Diary by Grace Lee

ORANGE AIRLINES 2016 Weekly Planner/Diary by Grace Lee

Weekly planners/diaries with gorgeous cover drawings by the wonderful Tokyo based illustrator Grace Lee whose brilliant works have been seen all over Japanese fashion and lifestyle magazines only became available from UGUiSU one week ago but the first batch sold out instantly so we managed to get more!

These weekly planners run from September 2015 through the first week of January 2017 so you can start using it right away! There are 3 designs available: "Everyday", "Mugs" and "Pens" - see all 3 here (I know it's hard to choose!) Happy and enchanting illustrations are printed on both front and back which will make you smile every time you take out your diary throughout the year :)

ORANGE AIRLINES 2016 Weekly Planners/Diaries by Grace Lee - yes we ship worldwide!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Arrivals from End of Summer

Hello from Tokyo! Please let me share some of many exciting new arrivals from the end of summer. All very pretty and all Japanese. Thank you for checking them out :)

(from top left)
01. Exclusive handmade Japanese traditional tosa-washi papers in A4 size
02. Omamori-bukuro Amulet Pouch Necklaces made with obi silk fabric created by Japanese textile artist Tadashi Maruyama
03 & 08. Karmi Wood Tea Canister in new design "Moto" in brown
04. JAS Certified Organic Tsukigase Sencha First Flush Green Tea also available --> HOUJICHA
05. SAKURA wood tea cup made with Japanese cherry (yamazakura) wood by skilled artisans of Yamanaka Shikki
06. New "Lullaby" art papers by Natsuko Kozue
07. Unique and beautiful silver charm necklaces by Yasushi Jona, made locally in Tokyo.
09. New addition to our great collection of Japanese paper balloons: Set of mini octopus and blow fish!

See all the new arrivals here -->
See the latest restock here -->

You can also follow much more frequent updates of new and restock on Instagram!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Link Collective Furoshiki by Hannah Waldron

The latest design from the LINK furoshiki collection is by Hannah Waldron, titled Stockholm it's a map of Stockholm where she had spent 2 years living and studying. This design celebrates the wonderfully unique Swedish summer and documents Hannah's observations from the vantage point of a kayak from the many expeditions she made on the water in the summer of 2014. Available in Red-Green-Blue and Blue-yellow-grey colour schemes.

Furoshiki is a piece of printed cotton textile that can be used in so many ways and is generally and traditionally used for wrapping and carrying things but this unique and stylish design furoshiki can also be used for table cloth, picnic mat, scarf, or as a carrying bag using simple furoshiki folding techniques (also you can watch it here on youtube).

Measurements: 90 x 90 cm (35.5 x 35.5″)
Material: 100% cotton satin
Handprinted in Japan using traditional techniques by Japanese artisans.

Also newly released from Link is the fresh yellow & light grey colour for the long loved design Stripe by Lucinda Newton-Dunn.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This Airvase comes as a set with an envelope ready to send in the mail. It's a part of the new Creator Series that a bunch of young Japanese artists created for the airvases. Mogu Takahashi, a Tokyo based artist/illustrator created a series of artworks for the airvase. Her cute illustrations are printed on airvase and it feels so special!

Each pack includes one sheet of Airvase (two different designs printed on each side) and a matching envelope with instruction card written in Japanese and English. Write a message on this amazing shapable paper container/bowl and send to someone special to make them happy!

Designed by TORAFU ARCHITECTS of Tokyo, Airvase is a paper bowl that can be stretched into a vase, plate or bowl that enfolds air. It comes as a flat sheet of paper with perforations so that you can pull up each side into the preferred shape.

See the amazing movie of how AIRVASE works here.



A series of adorable ceramic figures by Japanese artist Yuki Nishio who creates unique earthenware dolls/figures newly arrived to UGUiSU. All of the characters of these figures are created from European literary fairy tales such as The Puss in Boots, Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, etc, and are made in collaboration with Masashi Abo who produces Shitakawara Pottery Earthenware Dolls, traditional crafts of Tsugaru region in Northern Japan.