Thursday, November 10, 2011

Order now to receive before December 25th!

During the last half of November into December, international delivery can take a lot longer than other times and the deadline for guaranteed delivery before December 25 by STANDARD AIRMAIL is usually around November 15th. So this year we set order deadline to November 13th for guaranteed delivery before December 25 with standard airmail and registered airmail options.

All orders received before November 13th Japan Time (UTC+9) will be shipped before November 16th, but ORDERS RECEIVED AFTER NOVEMBER 14TH WILL NOT BE SHIPPED UNTIL AFTER NOVEMBER 27TH. (We will stop processing new orders received after Nov 14th until Nov 26th)

If you select EMS shipping option, your order will still be delivered before December 25th when orders placed after November 14th. The deadline for EMS shipping will be announced later.

So please if you are thinking to shop Japanese stationery, washi tapes, paper goods, paper balloons, beautiful kitchen towels, furoshiki wrapping cloths, eco friendly shopping bags, etc.... (we have so many wonderful items that would be excellent to make unique gifts!) please remember to place your orders before next Monday (or end of this weekend for those who live in Europe, US, Canada).

Thank you!

Here are some items picked for the season!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Seen in Paper Runway Issue #3

Happy Paper Clips US$14.00

Kimono Washi Tags US$6.40

Art Paper {Snow Rabbits}

The new issue of the lovely Australian magazine Paper Runway included some of the items from UGUiSU in the pages of their wonderfully selected and styled paper goods stationery features. This issue looks like a really nice one and if you are a stationery/paper goods fan you should definitely check it out!

The gorgeous artwork on the cover is by amazing MR Yen, and illustrations on the page shown in the second image above is by a Tokyo based lovely artist Grace Lee!

Also, some items have just been restocked and you can see them all here:
Restocked Items - November

Have a happy weekend to you all!