Thursday, June 20, 2013


The beautiful bird illustrated pop-up cards "Tobidustry" are finally restocked with some more new birds! The illustration with amazing details is by Atsuko Yukawa who is also a bird lover. On the cover of the card drawn are birds sitting on the branch, and inside each bird pops up with their wings wide open - it's quite marvelous and it would give a happy surprise to those who receive the card.

Since these can only be produced in very small quantity each time we had to wait for a long time before we could finally get them. Now all the 8 designs/birds are available for purchase from UGUiSU.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jona by Yasushi Jona

Jona tenten ring

Jona Asterisk Ring / Black, White and Gold

Jona Tenten & Asterisk Earrings

Jona 9-dots Ring White
Jona 9-square Ring White
Jona Asterisk Ring Gold (material: brass & silver leaf)
Jona Asterisk Ring White (silver & gold leaf)
Corrosion Ring Black
Corrosion Ring White
Jona Tenten O Necklace
Jona Tenten O Necklace
The O Ring Black
Tenten Monogram Ring
Jona is a silver jewelry label designed and produced by Tokyo based Japanese designer Mr. Yasushi Jona. Jona creates the most poetic pieces of jewelry carefully crafted to give the impression that they were discovered from being buried in the sand for decades. Being contemporary yet having the vintage look, coarse texture will gradually change faces as time passes by which is what the designer hopes for the wearers to enjoy.

We started carrying Jona Jewelry in our Tokyo store a couple of months back, and now all of these as well as all the other pieces by Jona are available for international orders. Rings are made to order in your preferred size, and they will be ready in 2 weeks time before shipment.

Please contact UGUiSU for inquiries and purchases.