Saturday, April 3, 2010


Sakura (Cherry blossoms) is finally in full-bloom in Tokyo, and there is a "SAKURA GIVEAWAY" going this weekend at Fine Little Day! This time 3 winners will be picked so that means there is 3 times more chance to win! Each winner will receive one of three prizes: a masking tape, dish cloth, or a set of paper balloons - all in Sakura designs or colour!! So please pop over to "SAKURA GIVEAWAY" and enter by just leaving a comment on the post!! Good luck :)


  1. Hi Hiki! I love your photos on your personal blog!
    Thanks for organizing a giveaway!

  2. いや〜 こんにちは!hikiさんのブログから来ました。
    The sakura this year are really beautiful! I went to Toyama Park and Kawashiki over the weekend and it was breath-taking. I'm envious that you get to experience this change of seasons all your life :)

  3. So bonny- wish l could see it next spring!!!Thanks for shearing...
    Have a lovely week...

  4. Implied reference to your lovely shop on my blog today… Have a good week-end, Hiki !

  5. So Sad, I disvovered your blog too late! Hoping I can enter another give-away contest very soon! :)
    Your blog is super and how I love all the magazines in your shop! Will follow you as from today! XO

    Feel free to visit/follow mine!
    Have a good spring and enjoy!

  6. hope I'm not too late
    sakura blooms for a short time for everyone to enjoy her beauty before she fades away
    just like my mother, she passed away on 06th April 2010
    27days after the doctor's found out about her cancer
    short lived but touched the lives of everyone who met her

  7. (Sorry for the sloooow replies!)

    Jean - Thank you for your sweet comment! I'm glad you like my photos on jollygoo ;)

    Soshiさん ありがとうございます!
    It now seems that all the sakura excitements were just some dreams and they never really happened! Can't wait for the next sakura season already!

    HELLA-STELLA - I hope you will get to see it next year too! Enjoy a wonderful spring!

    à petit bruit - Thank you again for mentioning my shop in your wonderful blog!! I wonder if you have come back from your holiday? Hope you had (or are having) an excellent one!

    Alessandra - how lovely that you won!! I wonder if you have already got your prize, a bit worried it may not have reached you with this confusion caused by the volcanic ash cloud in Europe!

    MAR - Yes I will have more giveaways so I hope you will be able to enter for your chance to win next time!!!

    Angela, sorry you missed this giveaway but I will have more later so I hope you will be able to enter for it next time. I am really sorry about your mother, Angela.. I wonder if you have received your package yet, hope you liked it!