Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Due to the volcanic ash cloud in Europe, all packages going to EU, Middle East, Africa and Canada are being held up on the way. To make sure all packages will not be treated badly while kept at the post office among with mountains of other packages, your orders will be kept safe under our care until the situation will be calmed down and look brighter.

Orders from Australia and US will be processed normally, however a little delays in delivery may be possible. I appreciate your understanding and I hope this problem will be cleared very soon.

-Memo added 22/4/2010-
Flights to Europe started running normally on 21 April and orders are now being shipped in 1-3 business day base as normal.


  1. hello hiki,
    here´s ines from frauheuberg...i thought you wrote that my package is on the way...so i hope i will receive it...or is it still by you?...so we will see what the next weeks will bring...cheers and thanks...Ines

  2. Hello Ines, sorry to confuse you but as I emailed to you earlier your package is on its way and it should reach you soon! Thank you so much :)