Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Items / April #01

More New Shape Post-it "fusen".A set of 3 card and envelopes with triangle windowCute designer series washi tapes now available in single rolls!Porcelain Word Stamp in "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"Craft Paper Grid Tape 30mm in Red and Blue grid.


  1. hiki hiki,,,

    hello, dear hiki, i finally earned some extra money from my online shop, so so, i wanna ask you to write to me how much should i send you and how do i do that ( directly through paypal ? ) thank you so so so much !!!!!! i'm so happy i can finally take the lovely books home !

    have a nicenicenice brand new week !

    be happy
    and stay healthy !


  2. Hiki, your shop makes me happy just by looking at it, your blog makes me happier, and today i fell in deep love with your "fusen" post-its... I feel a bit stupid writing all this without being able to actually shop, but i promise i'll buy you as many beautiful things as i can, as soon as possible...*

  3. Hello::Oh, the new items are just so lovely and wonderful! What a keen eye you have! Can't wait to take a look at your shop! Hope you are well! Cheers::a

  4. oly, i hope you will receive your package soon!!

    Juliette, thank you for such a sweet comment! yes the "fusen" post-its are gorgeous aren't they! i'm looking forward to receiving an order from you ;)

    ariana, i'm happy to know that you like the look of these new items! and thank you for the sweet comment. hope you are enjoying a lovely week!