Saturday, August 21, 2010

Come home! Vol.21

The latest issue of a popular Japanese life-style interior magazine "Come home!" is out now! (Comes out every 3 months)
Come home! vol.21 is a lovely issue featuring "things you can love for long" and the new monthly content "Love letter from Finland" starting this month.

Get a copy of Come home! vol.21 from UGUiSU!!


  1. I like the simple, clean design...Beautiful photos.

  2. Paper Pumpkin,
    Yes, the simple and clean design is really nice, and of course the photos. It also has a beautiful cover which is a little bit special for a "magazine"!

  3. oh it looks so beautiful! I have many things from Uguisu shop in my "wish list". I hope I'll be able to afford it soon. :)

  4. ohh I think I am going to drop by your online shop, one of these days.
    best regards lisa