Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Colour Washi Tapes in UGUiSU

I'm sorry I'm VERY behind in updating this blog since I had been insanely occupied with what I had to do for UGUiSU and my other work... Anyway, so many people have already ordered the newly stocked items (THANK YOU!!!) but I will try to post about them here from now.

So these are some of the new colour washi masking tapes that have been added - Mint Green, Bottle Green and the gingham tape in new Grass Green! And the rest is my favourite combination with other tapes that I have in my shop. It's such fun to think of all the possible combination with these tapes!

You can see all of the above Japanese Washi tapes/ masking tapes here in the "Singles" section,
but please also check out the Lovely sets (pair or three rolls) and Multi Packs!

The shipping cost for these masking tapes is $3 for up to 4 single rolls to Europe, US and Australia by air mail, so if you are thinking to buy 1 or 2 rolls you might as well purchase 4 and save on shipping ;) For a safer and faster shipping you can also choose EMS shipping.

Note: Bottle Green is included in the Masking Tape 12 Colour Pack {Smoky} and the 6 Colour Pack {Deep}.
Mint Green is included in the 12 Colour Pack {Light} .

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