Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful Japanese Towels "Shirayuki Fukin"

I am VERY happy to announce that now the beautiful Japanese dishcloth/towel "shirayuki fukin" is officially a part of the main items at UGUiSU! The shirayuki fukin dishcloth is really marvelous once I started using it I cannot use anything else and they have been my favourite for a long time. I would love many people to actually try and feel why Shirayuki fukin is so wonderful so I'm having a special trial sale for all Shirayuki items - 10% OFF!! (offer has ended)  So please take this chance and try!
See the whole range HERE.

What is Shirayuki Fukin??
"Shirayuki-fukin" literally means "white snow towels" and they are VERY popular in Japan. They come from Nara, an ancient capital city of Ja
pan near Kyoto, and they are made of a fabric that was once woven into mosquito nets called "kaya". These cloths are very soft, durable and absorbent and are perfect for using as dish cloths and wash/hand towels. Over time, the cloths become really soft and supple, and eventually they make great rags.


  1. These cloths look so wonderful, and the packaging is beautiful!

  2. lovely blog and shop! glad to have found you!

  3. hi hiki, a bit late, but I want to thank you for your nice package, I love the catalogue and the stationery. a big thank you!

  4. wow, interesting... we use something similar that I am having a VERY hard time finding (our usual supplier was out last time we were in Denver)... I wonder if they are the same thing. Since it's all written in Japanese (maybe another language - I am not well versed) I have no idea what they are called!

  5. Jennifer, these cloths are really beautiful to touch and feel too, as well as to use them :)

    joanna, i'm so glad you found my blog and shop too! Thank you!

    Monique, (I'm VERY late too) but I'm glad you received your package safely and that you like what were inside! Thank you always for your order :)

    sara, this type of cloths are also called "kaya-fukin", "kaya" means "mosquito net" and "fukin" means "towel" or "cloth". There are similar ones around, but I haven't seen the pretty design ones other than these.

  6. What a wonderful gift to receive. Great fantastic idea.

  7. ces serviettes me rappelle leJapon et son sens du confort et de la beauté,

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