Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kita no Moyo-cho Masking Tapes!! (NEW!)

"Kita no moyo-cho" new designer's series masking tapes are the most popular washi tapes at UGUiSU at the moment, have you all checked them yet?

"Kita no moyo-cho" literally means "Pattern notebook of the North" and it is designed by a Hokkaido based Japanese textile designer Rieko Oka. Rieko has won a mina perhonen design award in the past and her designs are lovely and warm, exciting, so fresh and adorable! Available in singles, a pair with a beautiful letterpress card, and 3 colour sets. Getting few in stock but the new stock will arrive soon!

See the whole series of the "Kita no moyo-cho" masking tapes here!


  1. Okay, these are my favorites so far! ♥

  2. Hi Hiki! wahhh...i like these. so fresh and adorable indeed! i spotted it on the package you sent me and thought wait i havent seen it in ur shop..so now u got it! great...time to shop again! haha!!! :D

  3. Hi L, these are so adorable aren't they! I'm loving them a lot!!

  4. these are so lovely and summery and perfect for dreaming and scapbooking about next year's gardening! my little packet to finland arrived so soon i was surprised.

    i was wondering if you'll be having mori girl lesson 3 magazine in your shop, because i really, really want it and i'd rather order from uguisu than any other shop, because then i could sneak some more kaya towels into my order as well... ;)

  5. thank you so much, you truly are a sweet shop-keeper! i filled my shopping basket already.

    it's true that you have to be careful when picking mushrooms, but not so careful that you don't dare to eat any. luckily many delicious ones are pretty foolproof and easy to learn. i'd say mushrooming is definitely a thing to do when visiting finland, because there are few limitations as to where you can go and pick them, and forests are never far away here. i'd be happy to take you anytime. :) autumn is, of course, the most abundant season, with the added bonus of berries.

    by the way, they really are enokitake in my blog, even though they look nothing like the pale, bottle-grown ones. they're just a little wilder...

  6. these were too cute to resist.