Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Masking Tape Idea Book.

The new masking tape idea book has been released and now it's available for purchase in my shop! It's full of inspirations for using Japanese masking tapes. Wonderful ideas and tips for using washi tapes for gift wrapping, decorating cards & stationery, craft making and more. With 6 templates/patterns for making your own crafts introduced in the book such as envelope, collage box and so on.

The book of Masking Tape/Masking Tape no Hon
is still available too.


  1. Aaaah I love this! I'm so tempted to put in another order in your shop. I have to control myself or else I'll buy your whole store.

  2. HappySheep,
    I actually would not mind you buying my whole store (hehe) but I'm so happy to hear such a wonderful comment! Thank you :)

    Hello Sandwich!
    You will like it ;)

  3. Hi Hiki! It's wonderful shopping with you!
    I'm really looking forward to receive my package!

  4. this book looks amazing! i want. thanks for the note with my order. i bought the SO-EN Feb mag. you said you lived near me when you were this way - well im guessing it was you or the person who packed my order.

  5. Hi,
    From the picture the language of the text looks Japanese, is there an English version of this book available as well?