Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Modern Japan Revival Paper" by Yonagado

"Modern Japan Revival Paper" produced by Yonagado is really really lovely. I first found their wrapping papers in a dear little shop in Kanazawa and bought some home absolutely loving them! And now their new products came out as mini paper bags and origami paper sets!

Many of the really modern bold disigns were used for kimonos in the Taisho period (1912-1926) in Japan and Yonagado reproducted those "forgotten" good old Japanese designs as the "Modern Japan Revival Paper".

The origami sets come in Kawaii and Lovely, each set has 6 different designs and there are 30 sheets in a packet. They will be great for wrapping small gifts, making collage or paper crafts and so on!!
The first and below 2 images are from "Paper Goods Catalogue 2" which is soon to be added in the shop.


  1. oh my
    these are sososo cute !

    i hope they will still be available next year after my paris trip
    so i can get some from your store !


  2. these are beautiful!

    i love all your stuff so much :)

  3. wow, very pretty. I love the patterns

  4. oly,
    don't worry, if they get sold out i will re-stock!!
    hope you are having a lovely trip :)

    these are really nice i love them too.
    i'm so happy you like the stuff i have in my shop!!! thank you.

    Studio mhl,
    the patterns are very pretty aren't they.
    they are all from the 20s used for kimono dresses in old japan!