Wednesday, October 28, 2009


New masking tapes have been added to the shop now!
These wonderful craft masking tapes designed by an illustrator/crafter Yoko Inoue, whose collage stationery series are also in my shop, are highly recommended.Craft Masking Tape 3 Colour Set {Collage}, {Numbers}, and{Days of the week}.

And these are really cute gingham and dots print tapes. You can see all of them here.

And these are suggested combinations with other masking tapes from my shop. What would be your favourite combination?

The masking tapes that had been out of stock has now all been restocked too! (see the list here)
Also, UGUiSU online store is now on Twitter!


  1. i like the 6th picture from above. the color scheme is sweet :) esp the first and light blue polkadot one.

  2. I LOVE them all!! Especially all the new sets you posted in the shop!

  3. hello sun.
    thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! it's really fun to think of the combinations with these tapes ;)

    hello Randi,
    Thank you! What would be your favourite sets?