Friday, October 9, 2009

Lovely Polka Dots! Letter writing sets and notebooks.

These new items have been added to the shop.

Coup de couer x Emilie Capman Notebook Pink.

Editions de Tokyo Letter Writing Sets: Black x Grey & Emerald x Yellow.

Aren't they cute!? ;) With these letter writing sets you get a "recepi card" as seen in the last image - you can personalise and create your own letter!


Some of the masking tapes (such as this and this) that have been out of stock were due to be back in stock this weekend, however there is a big delay from the manufacturer and they won't be coming in till around 27 October. Those who have placed their orders already will get their orders shipped as informed so please do not worry! And I am sorry for people who have been waiting for them!

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