Monday, January 6, 2014

UGUiSU on InsideOut Jan-Feb 2014 Issue

UGUiSU is included in one of the 5 best online store picks in the wonderful InsideOut Magazine of their current Jan-Feb 2014 Issue! 
Letterpress coasters, Japanese paper balloons and lovely things to stash into your stationery drawer - are just some of the crafted delights at this Tokyo-based shop.
Always SO grateful for InsideOut!!

If you spot UGUiSU on any magazines in your country please let us know, we'd love to see it! Thank you!

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In case you wonder what the products shown in the photo in the magazine, it's the Paper Bow Sticker Cards by Drop Around!


  1. Congratulation! When I think that I still haven't popped in your shop in Tokyo! Shame on me, I will definitely come by this month!!

    1. Hi Marie! We met at opening of Emma's exhibition at DD right? Thank you for checking in here. It would be lovely if you could make it to my shop one day :)

  2. bravo Hiki!! that's fantastic and well deserved!
    bonne année !!

    1. Thank you dear Katy! Bonne annee a tous aussi!!