Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Tobidustry Pop-Up Bird Card {Swallow}

 Tobidustry Pop-Up Bird Card {Woodpecker}

 CRAFT log Graffiti Masking Tape Set of 3 {A}

 CRAFT log Graffiti Masking Tape Set of 3 {B}

 Wood Tape Dispenser {Light Wood}

 Coloured Wax Paper Flat Bags Pack of 5 (Large)

COCHAE Select Japanese Dye Washi Origami Paper Set {Modern}

 Tracing Paper Envelope Grid {Medium}

 Yonagado Origami Papers {Kawaii Set}

5 Colour Onion Skin Paper (Tissue Paper) Pads

 {Little Garden} Masking Tape 3 Colour Set

Drop Around Fusen Sticky Notes

Mihoko Seki Wrapping Paper Pads

Mihoko Seki Paper Items
More items have been restocked today! You can see all restocked items here.
Some new items from FOG LINEN WORK were added to UGUiSU online store earlier this week, please also check these out. Thank you!

New items from fog linen work of Tokyo.


  1. beautiful! Love those pretty cards and the origami paper! xoxo

  2. The masking tape is so cute! ♥ I love decorative stationery.