Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October New Items #3: Cute Polka Dot Paper Goods

More from the new arrivals are the cute polka dot paper goods! The above small notebooks are just gorgeous, with towel-like soft felt cover each note book is filled with translucent polka dot paper. Each sheet can be removed from the note book quite easily so it can be used as letter paper, origami or wrapping small items. Available in 3 colours: Beige (70 sheets of grey dot paper), Grey (70 sheets of pink dot paper) and Blue (90 sheets of bigger dot paper in beige, green and brown colours).

Another item, A4 Polka Dot Copy Paper can be used on the ink jet printers. (Some printers may cause wrinkles as the paper is lighter and softer than normal copy paper.) They would be great for gift wrapping, book cover or your own note book making. Same paper used in the Polka Dot Small Notebook {grey}

Polka Dot A4 Copy Paper -For DIY Calling Card- is nice mat and thick paper which you can use to make your own calling card. On the dot pattern, there are tiny white dots as guideline so if you print your design on the paper and cut the paper along the guide lines you can make 10 of the 90mm x 55mm size calling card per sheet. It would also be great for making your own invitation cards, menus etc.

Also newly added today, though not polka dot, is the popular Art Paper {Night Sky} in CHRISTMAS SPECIAL VERSION. It would make any Christmas gift a really charming one!

As "Christmas" is mentioned, I must also mention that the due date for shipping packages to overseas to guarantee delivery before 25 December will be approaching soon. It still hasn't been announced by the JAPAN POST yet but usually it's around 15 November for most countries. (This is by standard airmail) I will inform you later when it is announced but please be aware!

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