Friday, April 29, 2011

Cute New Mini Size Masking Tapes!!

Really adorable mini size washi paper tapes have just arrived! Each tape is 6 meter long while the normal tape being 15m (the width of the tape is the same 1.5mm), you can compare the sizes of the normal ones and the new ones in the 3rd and the last images.
These mini size masking tapes are so cute and easy to carry or store, excellent if you want to have many different colours/patterns but don't want to spend fortune buying so many tapes at once! There are 2 sets available, SWEET and VIVID and you get 8 rolls of tapes in each set.

Aren't they cute!?


  1. Hello Hiki,
    I received my mini size masking tape !!!
    It was very quick !
    thank you,they're very very cute !!!

  2. I love your blog very much.
    This is my first visit to your blog.
    I've posted a masking tape swap in my blog.
    Hope you can join.

  3. Just came here from another blog and am wondering -do you still stock the wooden tape dispenser?

  4. patricias fabric art,
    hello, thanks for visiting uguisu blog!
    the wooden tape dispensers are temporarily out of stock but they will be available mid next week.
    You can order them now from the online shop.