Thursday, July 15, 2010

FUROSHIKI Wrapping Cloth - New Cotton Items by Classiky #02

"Furoshiki" is a Japanese wrapping cloth that has traditionally been used for transporting gifts, clothes, grocery shopping, etc. Today, furoshiki is becoming very popular in Japan as "eco-friendly" item. Traditionally, "furoshiki" cloth is only to carry gifts and is not to give with a gift that is wrapped inside but to keep it and re-use endlessly. But of course, you can give it with the gift so the person who received the gift can use the cloth in the way they want!

4 designs, 2 sizes available at UGUiSU online store. All designed by a Kyoto based Japanese stencil artist Mihoko Seki.

Also check out some pretty Embroidery Sewing Tapes/Ribbons by the same designer!

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  1. あのフロシキはとても素敵です。What beautiful Furoshikis - thanks a lot for sharing!