Friday, June 18, 2010

UGUiSU mention in a magazine!

I am so excited that UGUiSU was mentioned in a magazine for the first time!!!
And it's a Norwegian interior magazine called Design Interiør.
I am totally thrilled! (I have no idea what it says though..haha)


  1. Excellent! They have very good taste :)

  2. Hello Hiki!!
    It's fun to meet you on my blog, because I'm a customer of your Uguisu shop!!!but not with this name ;)
    I'm happy that you go to "Doux Dimanche",for the ceramic's exhibition.
    See you soon!!

  3. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments!!
    Lili Scratchy, it is so lovely to find out you are my wonderful customer!!!

  4. That is great !!! All the best for you and your lovely blog