Thursday, May 20, 2010

ku:nel magazine vol.44 -KYOTO ISSUE!

Another magazine released today is ku:nel vol.44. This is a very spacial and loving issue that features Kyoto - my favourite beautiful city of Japan. It includes some wonderful maps of kyoto with tips and places to visit there. A must have issue if you are going to visit Kyoto, even if not you can travel to Kyoto by flipping the pages of this issue of ku:nel magazine!!
ku:nel vol.44


  1. Hi Hiki
    That is so fun. I ordered this magazine in your shop the other day. And I can not wait to get this issue, because I am plannin g to go to tokyo and Kyoto in spring next year. For a whole month. That is so great.
    Have a great day.

  2. Hello! Thank you for the quick delivery of my paper balloons, I love them. They are in my window looking out over Paris. There is a photo here on my blog:
    Happy weekend.

  3. this looks lovely! hope i can visit kyoto one day.

  4. underwerket / Lisa Grue
    Thank you so much for your order. I hope you enjoy the magazines!! Have a wonderful day to you too!

    mlle.emma, Thank you for your order, and thank you for letting me know the safe arrival of your package. I'm glad you like the balloons!!!

    cheryl cambras,
    Kyoto is beautiful. I hope you can visit there one day too!

  5. Ahh hisashiburi ne! I lived in Nagoya for 2 years and loved having Kyoto down the road (as the shinkansen travels)...your store is lovely.

  6. Libby, konnichiwa! thank you for visiting my store, i'm happy to know that you like it. How lucky you lived in Nagoya and being close to Kyoto!

  7. i so, so love Kyoto except for the block pillows !!! i wanted mine from home !!!---beautiful Kyoto sam